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Much of the work accepted by DataFlow comes by direct referral from current and past clients.  We are also happy to meet new clients through this wonderful medium called the internet.

Please feel free to contact DataFlow.  We ask that initial contacts made through the internet be by e-mail.  We request that you be as detailed as possible in your message regarding your project, and include your full company and contact information, and the best times to reach you by phone.  If you have project requirements or specifications already written, please attach those documents.  All information is held in strict confidence.  Enquiries which contain incomplete contact information, or that are not related to the services we offer, will probably not receive a response.

You will not need to navigate your way through a company matrix and project structure.  We assign a single account manager and main point-of-contact to you as a customer.  He or she will listen, and will assist and guide you through all phases of the project.

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