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We Do Not Send Out
Newsletters or Other Spam

If you have received un-wanted “newsletters” or other forms of spam, then please know that does NOT send out any form of mass e-mail, not even to our own customers.  We do not have a list for “subscribe” or for “un-subscribe.”

You are being “spoofed” by a spammer.  Spammers always use a “From” address in their spam that is not real.  They “steal” someone’s else’s domain to do their dirty work.  That has happened to us.

Therefore, if you see in any “newsletter” or in any other mass e-mail, then please be aware that we did not send it.  We are as much a victim of spammers as you.

To determine who actually sends you an e-mail, please study very carefully the headers or source code of any spam.  If you do not want to take the time to learn, then please ask someone with such technical knowledge to help you. did not send you any “newsletter” or any other form of un-solicited mass e-mail.  We completely understand your frustration, since we despise spam as much as you do.  But, please know: we did not send you a “newsletter” or any other form of spam.

Thank you.